What is eStatus?

eStatus is a web-based claim-status reporting application that connects claims adjusters with furniture repair firms, allowing them to communicate easily and effectively with each other throughout the transit claim process. eStatus is not a referral company, nor is it a claims clearing house. It is a powerful online reporting tool that gives the furniture repair firm large or small - the ability to give the claims adjusters exactly what they need:
up-to-the-minute, detailed claim reports.

It provides a single source for claims status updates. All claims in process are easy to view, and completed claims are archived and maintained on our server and available to the repair firm for analysis as needed.

eStatus encourages the creation of carefully crafted reports which provide all the information an adjuster needs to handle the completed claim and speed payment to the repair firm.

Serving over 400 adjusters nationwide and in Canada, eStatus will save time, paper and processing effort for both furniture repair firms and claims adjusters nationwide.

How does eStatus work?

Once an adjuster assigns a claim to a subscribing furniture repair firm, the repair firm creates the claim online in the eStatus system.

As the repair firm works with the shipper, status updates are provided automatically back to the adjuster.

The repair firm submits progress reports and final reports to their van-line clients electronically. Attaching photos is easy with a few clicks.

Adjusters receive an email when a report is ready for view, and can access these reports online with just a few clicks.

The shipper can check on the claim progress by entering the tracking number on the login screen.

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